About Us

Our stylists are the heart and souls of Tinhill. Passionate, dedicated and experienced, they are ready to work their magic on our clients hair, one head at a time!

Our Team

Charlotte Lim

Charlotte boasts over 14 years of experience in hairstyling. Her strong passion for the craft has kept her going, and will keep her going for a long time! Charlotte is deft in adapting to various styles, and specializes in a wide range of styles in tandem with her clients' desires. She has a soft spot for bright and bold colours and styles however!


Shirren has been in the hairstyling industry since she was just 18. Boasting over 10 years of experience, she honed her craft with inspiration from her family - who are also in the industry. Shirren remains ever passionate about her craft - she finds beauty in transforming hair because she believes that it transforms a person. Shirren favors classic styles while adding a flair of trendiness in her art, developing a style that is uniquely hers!

Darren Chua

Darren loves bonding with his clients. Racking up over 13 years of experience under his belt, Darren takes pride in making his clients gorgeous! His style can be described as a future classic fusion of Euro and North America with a good mix of Asia vibes - absolutely fantabulous in short!


Lucas has a solid 9 years of experience in hairstyling. His style focuses on bolder colours and highlights that make the hair pop - an inspiration from popular American hair fashion. Lucas is determined to spread colour and joy through his work. photo as attached


Vicky has been working in the hair industry for 4 years. Her love and passion for hairworks led her to the leap of faith to make it her profession. She finds great sense of accomplishment whenever she beautifies a client's hair, and that has spurred her on in her quest to hone her skills!

Care Coach

After 2 Years with Tinhill, Dylan has honed his hairstyling skills and knowledge. Known for his bubbly personality, Dylan never fails to bring a smile to our clients face. Dylan currently holds the role as Care Coach - in charge of product knowledge and information on hair and scalp care.


Hayley has 2 years of experience in the hairstyling industry as an assistant. She enjoys the hairstyling culture as it she believes it is fulfilling to help people have great hair!


Jasmine is a cheerful soul that has 2 years of experience in hair works as an assistant, She was drawn to the industry after experiencing a hair transformation that lifted her spirits. She remains passionate in her craft to turn every hair beautiful. photo as attached